Mission Statement

Community Based Activity Program, Inc. is a multi-service, non-profit organization whose mission is to provide a quality education that empowers and prepares all children to think, learn, play and achieve success in our community.


CBAP is a non-profit organization that began in 1990 when a group of parents and professionals, under the direction of Special Education Instructor, Brad Bafaro, met to address the needs of local students with disabilities during the summer months. Since 1990, this program has grown from 16 students to 160 students. (40% of whom are students with disabilities)

CBAP is committed to providing students with quality education and creating an enjoyable and positive learning environment during the summer months. CBAP programs are centered on the capacity of each student, and we maintain that the students' strengths will become a resource for our community if recognized and channeled properly. We plan both structured programs and recreational activities, always being sensitive to our students' individual needs.

Each session is 6 weeks long, and is open to students 5-21. The student-teacher ratio is low so we can provide much individual assistance. In addition to an academic program, we offer a comprehensive community based recreation program. The students work in small groups throughout the week to choose activities and then to plan the execution of those activities. Our staff works with students at their own level of development, guiding them through a course of individiualized, small group instruction.

The Board of Directors, the Program Planning Team, and Brad Bafaro (Program Director) lead the program. CBAP combines professional preparation and many years of experience in Elementary/Secondary Education and Special Education. Specialty areas include: Physical Therapy, Adapted Physical Education, Psychology, Recreation, Health Education, Speech and Hearing. CBAP also utilizes qualified Instructional Assistants and High School Peer Tutors.


Our Philosophy is to build upon the child's strengths, develop high levels of self-esteem, develop leisure skills and positive attitudes, develop a readiness and willingness to attempt new activities, and the perspective to view challenges in life as opportunities for growth and learning.

The primary focus of our program is grounded by the concept that children learn by actively participating in learning. We recognize that students' active participation in discovering content creates enthusiasm. This, in turn, will motivate children to master the activity. We also presuppose that mastery of content enhances a positive self-image and high self-esteem.

We believe that self-insight is a part of each learning experience. The active learning method helps staff identify each student's specific strengths. Once the strengths are recognized, the staff can help the student recognize and build upon them. Our program is centered around the capacity of each student and we maintain that the students' strengths will become a resource for our community is recognized and channeled properly.